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Success is the realm of those who apply their genetic make-up to the real world.

Success is achievable through the whitepill and psychiatry.

Whitepill[edit | edit source]

The whitepill can elude those who are not well read.

Reaching base emotional desires and achieve higher planes of thought, are achievable despite modern society leering over man, as if man were a wounded wolf.

The whitepill has 7 common themes formalized as it applies to success:

Themes[edit | edit source]

  • True virility is only achieved through accepting manhood / rejecting muliebrity
  • Adherence to tradition
  • Respect for the metaphysical superiority of existing leaders
  • Progress is a lie
  • Action always is happening in the present
  • Happiness is found in seeking less, not more
  • You have to ‘lose your mind’ before your senses are available to you

Through taking a holistic approach to mind/body, one can attenuate the whitepill's biophysical effects and enter a lifestyle free from worry.

Trauma[edit | edit source]

Recognizing and accepting trauma is vital to being able to assert oneself in the world.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Natsionálnaya sbórnaya Rossii po futbólu, apart of Российский Футбольный Союз, Rossiyskiy Futboľnyj Soyuz, faced Spain at Moscow in Российский Футбольный Союз or (Russian National Football Cup_, Rossiyskiy Futboľnyj Soyuz).

Coach Stanislav Cherchesov achieved a 5-3-1-1 formation while sitting deep and defending with 10 men, and conceded no goals during open play as Spain set free kick set piece while Russia tied the game thanks for a penalty awarded for a handball.

Igor Akinfeev, who saved two penalties from Iago Aspas. Iago Aspas had major battle with Igor Akinfeev, but was still awarded The win against Spain sent supporters and residents of agreemnent, as they arrived the first time since the breakup of the Soviet Union.