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Looks and Dating

Looks are the most important factor in dating and all sexual relationships.

Throughout the vast majority of scientific literature and data that is directly based on or related to dating, it is almost universally found that a person’s physical appearance is the most important factor in determining their desirability as a dating partner. Generally, the more sexually attractive a person is, the more successful they will be in dating, regardless of other characteristics like their behavior and/or social status. This is true for both men and women. [1] [2] [3]

Short Term vs Long Term Relationships

“Dating” can encompass many different types of relationships. A common way to divide these is by the term length of the relationship. A short term relationship lasts for a short time, usually less than 3 months, but can also be as short as one night for the exclusive purpose of having sex. A one night sexual encounter may be called a “hookup” while a 3 month relationship may be called “dating”, but in the scientific literature, if there is no intention for long term investment, these both fall under the umbrella term of short term relationships. Anything longer, or more serious in nature, with intentions for having kids, or getting married, is called a long term relationship.

It is found that men are more inclined to enter into a short term relationships than women, but for both men and women the most important factor is physical attractiveness. However, in long term relationships, the importance of physical attractiveness is less, although it is still the most important factor for both sexes. [4]

Improving Looks for Success in Dating

To have success dating, your looks are the most important factor, so they should get most of your attention. Many methods can be employed to improve your looks. Hardmaxxes, such as surgery, and softmaxxes, such as skincare, hair care, and weightlifting to increase muscle mass, have all yielded success.

For women, the face is the most important part of the man when considering physical attractiveness, so most efforts will be best spent on your face. Facial surgery will likely yield the largest change in facial appearance, and many types of skin treatment and nutritional changes can create skin which appears more attractive.

Guide to dating Asian women by ‘Yellow_fever_cel’[edit | edit source]


1)Low obesity rates; caused by genetics, good diet and fat shaming culture in Asian countries.

2)Low rates of feminism, white western women have been corrupted by feminism whereas Asian women have virtually none apart from perhaps South Korea.

3)Traditional; they can raise the kids, do the dishes, weed the garden and be a housewife no problem.

4)They are youthful and they age well. Asians can look much younger than they are because of genetics and neoteny.

5)Asian women are the most feminine race of women, they are small, cute and petite.

6)Asians usually come from rich families so they can provide for you. Asian Americans are the richest minority in the United States.

7)Asian women have low rates of stds unlike black women for example.

8)Asian women are more odorless than other races, their vaginas don't stink because they prefer to take showers instead of baths. When women regularly soak in hot water for long periods it washes out the self cleaning enzymes in their vaginas that kill odor causing bacteria.


1)Asian women have flat faces caused by a genetically recessed maxilla. This can make them unpleasant looking from the side.

2)Your hapa daughter will be fine but if you have a hapa son it could end up like Elliot Rodger.

3)The Asian woman’s parents might not approve of you if you’re not Asian.

4)Lots of Asian women have plastic surgery so you might not realise what you’re breeding with before it’s too late.

5)Asian women do tend to have smaller breasts and glutes compared to other races.


"Asian women have sideways vaginas"-This is just not true.

"Asian women are submissive"-I wish this was true but unfortunately it's not.

"Asian women have the tightest vaginas"-This stereotype was started by the bbc and small Asian dick stereotypes but surprisingly black women have the tightest vaginas.


Asian American women speak English so that's not a problem but if you want to venture into the untapped source of potential in native Asian countries then you may have to learn a bit of an Asian language. Many Asian languages like Mandarin, cantonese and Japanese are difficult but you only need to learn a few phrases to impress everyone if you're white. Just be aware that Asians might try to compliment you by saying things like “Your Mandarin is better than mine,” if they say something on those lines then don’t believe it.


As far as accents go Asian women like anything that sounds western and exotic. Think of romantic/sexy/charming accents like Posh English, French, Australian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian etc. Don’t feel bad frauding an accent because all women fraud their face with make-up.


Obviously Asian women like white men, this is one of the first things you learn about the blackpill but you have to have the correct phenotype and colors for the highest chance of success. Considering almost all ethnics have brown or black eyes, if you have green or blue eyes it's a huge halo, even hazel eyes are a decent halo. Most white women prefer dark hair but Asian women and most ethnic women probably prefer blond. Ginger is always subhuman, even for Asian women.

Mogging Asian men

When someone gets mogged their smv goes to zero. Mogging an Asian man will get you attention from Asian women and it's not difficult to do either.

1)Height-On average Asian men are quite short. If you’re average height or above in the west and you wear lifts in Asia you will noticeably stand out when it comes to height apart from places like North China and South Korea where the zoomers are quite tall.

2)Penis-Small Asian penises are a true stereotype. You can’t mog this way in public but simply having a bigger penis than the average Asian man will impress an Asian woman in bed if she’s used to Asian men.

3)Frame-Asians are skinny due to genetics, diet and social expectations. This contributes to Asian men having small frames. Having an average width frame or above in the west is enough to mog Asian men.

Best Asian countries for sex

It's safe to say that the hottest Asian women are in South Korea and Japan but if you're not minimum a high tier normie white guy it's not recommended you travel there just for sex because those countries are huge on looksmaxxing and plastic surgery so you will face lots of competition. South east Asian countries are countries which stereotypically middle aged balding white men will travel to for easy sex because those countries white worship a lot. Just be aware that Thailand has lots of trannies. China is also a good option to consider because being white there is a large halo and the huge population means you can’t run out of potential matches. If you want a quick, easy fuck then the best options are China, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.