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Fitness training, or in LooksMaxxing terms, "Gymmaxxing" is the act of improving one's physical health with the intent to appear more healthy, youthful, and attractive to all individuals. There are many fitness ideals that range from general health to bodybuilding/powerlifting. These will all be covered in detail below.

It has been agreed upon by members of the LooksMaxxing community that the ideal physique for most individuals is a lean, toned physique with prominent lean muscle mass and low body fat. This ideal falls between the "Brad Pitt fight club" character (a bit more muscle than this and less fat) and Jeff Seid's physique (a bit less muscle and more fat). The specific weight and body fat percentage will vary per individual, but generally, the ideal body fat percentage that balances health and aesthetics best is 10%, and the ideal weight ranges from 160lbs-200lbs (depending on height/skeletal structure and neuromuscular responsiveness to hypertrophy training).

Physique "Halo Effect" The "Physique Halo Effect," similar to the effects exhibited by tall height and good facial ratios/aesthetics, is the phenomena whereby a healthy, aesthetically pleasing physique produces the Halo effect around an individual. This in turn generates more respect from peers for the individual and can raise the individuals' sex appeal. However, the relative level of "Halo" one receives from a good physique varies greatly, and depends upon how aesthetically pleasing they are in other departments, as well as how their body holds the muscle. An example of this would be comparing a 5'6" man with a good physique to a 6' man with a good physique. Ceterus Paribus, the halo received from the physique on the 6' man will be much greater than that received by the physique on the 5'6" man. This also applies to phenomena such as clavicle width-those with larger widths will look better with more muscle, and those with small clavicles will appear unintimidating and oddly shaped. In general, the relative "Halo effect" level of a physique experiences diminishing returns at a 5psl facial rating and 6' in height - at these points, one can be better looking and taller, but a physique will give the same level of halo. As discussed before though, compared to a 5'6" 4psl man, the physique on the 6' 5psl man may give 3x the relative halo due to the other attractive features already possessed. Physique halo is affected by the following: Race, height, skeletal structure (aesthetics), muscular insertions, and most importantly, face.

The Act of Gymmaxxing (For Beginners) For an individual new to Gymmaxxing, there are multiple avenues that must be taken to experience the best possible results. However, prior to making a commitment to gymmaxxing in an effort to LooksMax, one must weigh the relative Halo Effect and health effects they will garner from doing so, and determine whether it is a worthy pursuit of time. A 5'4" Indian man will only benefit from being healthy, in order to feel and function better in day-to-day life: He will not receive enough Halo from a good physique for bodybuilding to be a worthy pursuit unless he derives great personal satisfaction from it. In general, though, Gymmaxxing is a worthy pursuit, as LooksMaxxing sites often inflate the level of looks needed to succeed in dating and social interactions with others.

When an individual starts his/her fitness journey, they may want to consider several factors. These include, but are not limited to:

Sleep/stress (covered more in Lifestyle) Nutrition (see Nutrition) Stretching/flexibility. Cardiovascular training. Strength training (which has the following sub-categories: Powerlifting and Hypertrophy training). Mindset (motivation).

Sleep/stress Maximizing sleep and minimizing stress is vital to accelerating relative fitness gain. In general, an individual will need 8 hours of sleep a night. This amount is the point at which marginal benefit starts to greatly diminish in the following hours.

Advanced Gymmaxxing/BodyBuilding, and PEDs