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Warning:Many people believe mewing is a cope. Make sure you do your own research on the topic.

What mewing is supposed to do

Mewing is a controversial coping mechanism spewed by the charlatan British orthodontists John and Mike Mew. Mewing essentially means breathing through one’s nose (not mouth) and resting one’s tongue on the palate with a suction hold. Mewing is believed by many to be capable of remodeling facial bone structure in adults, but it has also been claimed to be a cope and that it doesn’t work. Believers in mewing are informally called “Mew copers.”

Mew Coping

Mewing is widely thought to produce drastic results, despite the lack of scientific evidence to support it. Mew copers, especially members of mewing communities such as r/Orthotropics and r/Mewing, expect mewing to give them the massive and forward-projected jaws of their dreams.

Here are some examples of what mewing is believed to be able to do:

There is no scientific evidence that one can achieve these results through mewing.

Hard Mewing

Hard mewing is mewing with force applied on the palate directed upwards and forwards.

The first well-known hard mewer was Astro Sky. Salludon is another self proclaimed hard mewer.

However with lack of literature around the subject and anecdotes being rare to see any real change (see salludon, presumed surgery. Astrosky presumed surgery aka fillers.) there is no real hard backing behind the idea of mewing.